Your Vision, Your Voice

When I work on your project, I learn as much as I can about you, your goals, and your ideal audience. I help you

  • see your content from different perspectives

  • refine your message

  • bridge communication gaps

  • find your voice

  • build on your success


Ghostwriting and Book Collaboration

70% of nonfiction books published in the U.S. are ghostwritten because the author’s time and attention are focused on doing what they’re writing about, not on writing. (1) For them, hiring a professional writer makes business sense. But the thought of having someone else write your book can be scary.

When we work together, I

  • speak your language

  • reflect your passion

  • and project your voice

because your book is you, and your success is my success.


$17,000-38,000 for a full-length nonfiction book


Manuscript Evaluations and editing

The right editor will take your manuscript from good to great and serve as a long-term partner in your success.

When I evaluate and edit your manuscript, I

  • respect your effort

  • empathize with your reader

  • work in your long-term best interest

There are three categories of editing (developmental, mechanical, and proofreading), but what you need may not fit neatly into one or another, so I offer four options to balance your goals and budget.



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Book Proposal Writing and Query Letter Reviews

If you identify first as a writer or aspire to have extended reach, working with a literary agent and pursuing a traditional publishing contract can help you reach your goals, but

  • “At any given time, 500,000 proposals and manuscripts circulate across the United States.” (2)

  • 40% of queries are rejected for being poorly written or unprofessional. (3)

  • Many agents and publishers do not accept unsolicited queries but do consider those recommended by proven industry professionals.

I work with agents and publishers, so I know what it takes to get them to notice you.




1 Why Agents Reject 96% of Author Submissions

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3 8 Tips From Literary Agents About How to Get Published