I am in the business of breaking writers into the industry and helping established authors go further faster.


Ghostwriting and Book Collaboration

70% of nonfiction books published in the U.S. are ghostwritten because the author’s time and attention are focused on doing what they’re writing about, not on writing. (1) For them, hiring a professional writer makes business sense. But the thought of having someone else write your book can be scary.

When we work together, I

  • speak your language

  • reflect your passion

  • and project your voice

because your book is you, and your success is my success.


$23,000-38,000 for a full-length nonfiction book


Developmental & Substantive Editing

Whether fiction or nonfiction, the structure of your ideas and arc of your story are critical to your success as a writer.

When I offer high-level evaluation or in-depth analysis and feedback, I

  • respect your effort

  • empathize with your reader

  • work in your long-term best interest

At the end of the day, I’m a solution person. So, after I’ve pointed out your manuscript’s weaknesses, I offer clear recommendations and resources to guide you through the revision process.

My goal is to help you craft the best book you can so your readers will rave about it and spread the word organically.



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Book Proposal Writing and Query Letter Reviews

If you identify first as a writer or aspire to have extended reach, working with a literary agent and pursuing a traditional publishing contract can help you reach your goals, but

  • “At any given time, 500,000 proposals and manuscripts circulate across the United States.” (2)

  • 40% of queries are rejected for being poorly written or unprofessional. (3)

I work with agents and publishers, so I know what it takes to get them to notice you.



For information about how I work with literary agents, their clients, and writers who aspire to be traditionally published, click here.


1 Why Agents Reject 96% of Author Submissions

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3 8 Tips From Literary Agents About How to Get Published