All Work and No Play ...

is boring!


Outside Is the Best Side

Two of my great loves are words and movement.

The third is my husband, Jim, who is the best strategic partner and adventure buddy I could ask for.

When I'm not working with awesome clients and words, I'm playing in the dirt with Jim.

You can follow our adventures and connect with us here:


I Take My Work Seriously, not Myself

I truly believe that high standards and a sense of humor are the two most important ingredients for growth and long-term success.

Laughter is the best medicine and a powerful adhesive at times when circumstances threaten to weaken the bonds between two people.

My favorite people are those who respect the work and appreciate the play and know when to combine the two for best effect.


Get off the Work Merry-Go-Round

I love to work, but I've learned that play keeps me sharp. 

Being in nature stimulates my creativity and connects me to those I'm with.

So, if you find yourself in or near Boise, Idaho and want to get off the work merry-go-round for a while, let's go for a hike, a bike, or a climb and get to know each other.

(We can still talk about work because let's be honest, we love what we do!)