What do ghostwriters do?

A ghostwriter is, first and foremost, a strategic partner. We serve as sounding boards, consultants, writers, editors, and project managers.

We have a knack for asking questions that help  identify your ideal reader, highest goals, best ideas, personal and professional strengths, and unique selling proposition. We do all that and find your voice and replicate it in writing.

Why do people hire ghostwriters?

The book market is highly competitive. It takes a strong book and a solid platform to stand out.  People hire ghostwriters when they lack the time, skill, and/or desire to write their book but want to publish a book that has the best chance of competing in the marketplace and meeting publishers' and readers' expectations.

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What's the difference between collaborating and ghostwriting?

Ghostwriters typically start from the ground up. The client has an idea and maybe a few notes and maybe a rough outline but ghostwriting clients typically want to hand the project to a professional and stay out of the writing process.

When collaborating, there's a lot more back and forth. It may be a from-the-ground-up type of project, or the client may have many pages of written material or recorded notes. The main difference is that there is little coaching in a ghostwriting relationship, but a professional collaborator serves as a private writing tutor and industry consultant.

Who's the author and who owns the rights to the book?

You are the author. The book is the visible product of your experience, expertise, and vision. I may have written it, but it reflects your voice and vision.

My name may appear on the cover with yours *, but you own the rights.

How does it work?

Assuming that after talking several times and getting to know each other we decide to work together, it goes like this:

  • I interview you one or two times to get the high-level concept.

  • I develop a rough outline/table of contents and chapter synopses.

  • You give me feedback. I revise accordingly, and we schedule interviews.

  • Over the course of several days, we take a deep dive into the details of your concept and vision. I'll interview you and record many hours of conversations related to your mission, vision, audience, and concept.

  • I send off the files for transcription and then read, sort, conceptualize, research, write, revise, and send you a first draft.

  • You give me feedback. I revise and edit accordingly and then deliver a manuscript that's ready for copy (mechanical) editing.

How long does the process take?

About six months depending on length and complexity.