People go to events and conferences to make professional connections and gather information that can help them grow personally and professionally. I have and continue to be the beneficiary of these events and appreciate those that are consistent in their message but find new speakers and ways of presenting both fundamental and advanced concepts.

When I served as the National Chapter Director for the Nonfiction Authors Association and as its Boise, Idaho chapter leader, it was sometimes a challenge to find speakers who were qualified to present material and could educate, empower, and engage attendees.

If you are looking for a proven professional who's committed to helping others grow personally and professionally and loves to engage with people, I'd love to discuss your needs to see if I can help you deliver to attendees an experience that educates, empowers, and entertains.

    I speak about:

    • professional craft,
    • the entrepreneurial mindset,
    • the business of writing,
    • risk management,
    • strategic planning,
    • topics related to the process of writing and editing,
    • platform building,
    • power networking,
    • time management and developing professional boundaries,
    • and work-life integration.

    I'm available to:

    • give keynote addresses and speeches;
    • lead workshops;
    • participate in panel discussions;
    • give one-on-one constructive, actionable advice for manuscript revisions, strategic planning, and power networking;
    • and provide encouragement and mirth in what can be an intimidating and challenging atmosphere for first-time attendees.

    How can I make your job easier and more fun and encourage participants to come back year after year?


    Let's work together to make your event engaging, memorable, and share worthy.