Developmental Editing

What's the difference between developmental editing and other types of editing?

Developmental editing addresses the big picture, the things that will make or break your book and can establish you as an author who knows what it takes to produce a commercially viable manuscript.

Line editing further strengthens the manuscript by refining each sentence for clarity, tone, pace, and more. Copy--mechanical--editors address grammar and punctuation issues.

What's the difference between developmental editing and book doctoring?

It's a matter of degrees. The examination/diagnostic procedure is much the same, but developmental editors diagnose and prescribe, they do not treat. The work of fixing the manuscript’s problems (according to the detailed report delivered by the editor) is up to you.

Book doctors diagnose and treat.

If a literary agent recommended that you work with an editor…

It might mean that your manuscript has promise but in its current state, it's not worth the risk of offering you a contract. If a literary agent recommends that you get some help, ask them to be specific about which type of editing they're recommending and what specific weaknesses they want you and your editor to address.

How long does it take?

Depending on the length, complexity, and state, your manuscript will be in my hands for 2-8 weeks.

Why should you consider working with me?

You should not consider working with me if you’re a price shopper. Many other developmental editors charge less. But if you’re a results-oriented person who demands excellence from yourself and those you work with, you might consider me because my essays and business articles have been published by publications that exercise editorial discretion, my clients get results, and I’ll be working on your behalf long after you pay your final invoice because I am more than an editor and ghostwriter. I am a long-term strategic partner who is actively working to expand her network, influence, understanding, and skill, so my clients and I can have the broadest reach and make the most of our efforts.

Project Results

  • 6-figure, world rights book deal

  • 12+ book awards

If you think we might be a good fit, contact me to schedule a free consultation to discuss your project and goals.