What is a book proposal?

A book proposal is a 15-30 page document that tells a literary agent and/or publisher everything they need to know about you and your book.

It's your sales pitch. As such, it's critical that your proposal position you as an expert and your topic as relevant and timely. It must also persuade the reader that your manuscript is commercially viable and that your voice and brand are strong and compatible with theirs.

Can you write the book proposal and ghostwrite my book?

Absolutely. In fact, if I write the proposal, I'll reduce my ghostwriting fee because we'll already be on our way to developing a strong manuscript.

How much do you charge to write a book proposal?

I charge $5,700 to develop a standard, nonfiction book proposal and $6,200 for memoir proposals. That includes ghostwriting two sample chapters.


photo credit: Pixabay.com, CC0 (11/13/2017)