My mission is to help you and your book get noticed.


How I Work with Authors

I work with results-oriented, reader-focused self- and indie authors and with those who aspire to be traditionally published.

In addition to reflecting your vision and helping you discover and project your voice, I act as an advocate for your reader.

My role is to offer perspective and recommendations that move you closer to your long-term goal and to your readers.

How I Work with Literary Agents and Publishers

Nonfiction—I help when an author needs a ghostwriter, book doctor, or developmental editor.

Fiction—If you have a promising author who needs a little help in one or more areas (telling vs. showing, foreshadowing, etc.), I focus my attention on those areas and provide detailed feedback and custom video tutorials that help them fix the current issue and avoid it in the future.

(I am a freelancer and, therefore, not an employee of any literary agency or publisher.)

My Approach and Results

I believe that writing and editing are a way of life, the constant creation and refinement of thought and action that leads to our highest level of contribution.

I am a writer who respects the craft, and I want to be someone you can trust. To me, that means being able to demonstrate that my own writing is commercially viable.

My creative nonfiction essays, business columns, and writing advice have been published in publications that exercise editorial discretion, and I work with publishers, develop relationships with literary agents, and speak and teach workshops.

My clients consistently earn publishing contracts, book awards, and special recognitions (19 to date) for projects I’ve been involved with. One has a 6-figure, world-rights book deal with HarperCollins.

Portfolio & Results

My Values

I value independence and objectivity and meaningful relationships.

I make a living one hundred percent from project and speaking income. I do not accept referral or affiliate fees. I work in your best interest.

I am a conscious capitalist and an inclusive business person.

My Editorial Assistant

Sandy headshots 2018-9902.jpg

Book lover, artist, and poet Sandy holds a certificate in the Keys to Effective Editing from Boise State University and follows Chicago Manual of Style.

She follows my methodology and serves as a manuscript evaluator, line and copy editor, and proofreader when my time is limited but clients want to work with me in some capacity.