My mission is to develop and position deep thinkers and graciously ambitious go-getters in front of their ideal audiences and strategically connect them to people who can help them go further faster.


I do that by strategically partnering with experts, entrepreneurs, executives and business pros, professional and competitive athletes, survivors, and career-minded writers to craft messages that attract and influence and get manuscripts written, published, read, and recommended!

Why me? I am results oriented so have very high standards for myself and those I work with. I believe that the best editors are also writers whose work has been published by publications that exercise editorial discretion. My creative nonfiction, business columns, and writing advice have appeared in IDAHOmagazine, Idaho Business Review, Unbound Northwest,and the Nonfiction Authors Association blog. I currently have work out for consideration by Sweet, Hippocampus, and Brevity and another piece intended for Creative Nonfiction in the works.

More importantly, my clients have earned 15 national and international awards and honors on projects we’ve worked on together.

I focus on your ideal reader and how to speak to their needs and expectations efficiently, effectively, and with your dynamic voice.




Developmental Editing & Ghostwriting

All well-built buildings and books are designed to appeal to their ideal users in form and function.

As your book architect and developmental editor, I’ll help you draft plans for a book that reflects your vision, style, and unique perspective while engaging your ideal reader and creating a safe space in which they can work, learn, and grow.

As your ghostwriter, I’ll use your ideas and goals to write your book while you focus on doing what you do best.

a from-the-ground-up approach


Substantive Editing

If you’ve built a book that lacks curb appeal; the rooms aren’t inviting, well defined, or functional; and/or you can’t confidently put your name on it, think of me as your architect, contractor, and interior designer.

My substantive editing combines developmental and line editing and is the most popular service I offer.

a remediation and remodeling approach

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Manuscript & Book Proposal Evaluations

Before you pitch a building project or open it to occupants and users, it must be commercially viable and pass inspection.

As a proven publishing professional acting as your risk manager and brand strategist, I’ll give you a heads up about predictable challenges that could undermine your success and influence.

a high level quality test