An essentialist and proponent of work-life integration, I believe that writing and editing are a way of life, the deliberate refinement of thought and action that results in contributing at our highest level.

I am a ghostwriter, book doctor, developmental editor, and coach who works with ambitious people whose mission is to inspire and empower people to embrace their highest selves and make bold, life-changing moves. When we go, we go all in.

The Hit-Me-with-the-Highlights Version


  • grew up in a home without a television but with hundreds of books
  • tested out of high school
  • higher/continuing ed
    • graduated magna cum laude from Boise State University, Anthropology
    • Cultural Awareness Training certificate
    • Keys to Effective Editing certificate
  • former National Chapter Director for the Nonfiction Authors Association
  • former judge and Editor Judge Coordinator for the Idaho Author Awards and North American Book Awards
  • member of the
    • Idaho Writers Guild
    • Idaho Association of Professional Editors and Writers
    • Professional Coaching Association of Idaho


  • a GRAMMY Award-winning artist
  • a debut novelist who recently signed a six-figure, world rights book deal with Harper
  • a TEDx speaker
  • an LGBTQ advocate and regular contributor to the Huffington Post
  • transformational life coaches and educators, athletes, entrepreneurs, and attorneys

Public Speaking

  • Workshops include
    • The Power of Purposeful Language
    • How to Write a Book Proposal
    • How to  Think Like and Work with a Developmental Editor
  • Idaho Health and Welfare
  • Smart Women, Smart Money
  • Toastmaster's International speech contest winner and former club president

Published Work

  • IDAHO magazine
  • Idaho Business Review, columnist
  • Unbound Northwest, regular contributor

Work-Life Integration

Outside Is the Best Side

The "Writerly" Version


I grew up in a home without a television but with hundreds of books. I have been a lover of words and voracious reader since early childhood. I graduated magna cum laude from Boise State University with a degree in Anthropology. (Fun fact: Linguistics is a sub-field of anthropology.) I also hold Cultural Awareness Training and Keys to Effective Editing certificates from Boise State University.

I am a former National Chapter Director of the Nonfiction Authors Association, member of the Idaho Writers Guild, and active in the Idaho Association of Professional Editors and Writers.

My business background includes risk management and insurance and investment sales. When I was eight years old, I started my first business. It was a snail stand. It was an epic fail. I've experienced failure and success in subsequent endeavors: The entrepreneurial life is never boring.


My clients include a GRAMMY Award-winning artist, athletes, entrepreneurs, physicians, attorneys, and advocates. One is a debut novelist who recently signed a six-figure, world rights book deal with Harper.

All are people of words and action. (To my great dismay, none have shown any interest in gastropods.)

Public Speaking

I am an enthusiastic public speaker. I regularly teach workshops on topics of interest to authors, entrepreneurs, and editors. I've also competed in speech contests; presented at Boise’s annual Smart Women, Smart Money event; and co-presented with epidemiologist Dr. Robert Graff at Idaho Health and Welfare’s 2013 Spring Epidemiology Conference. (If you ever want to distract me, bring up bugs or evolutionary medicine.)

Published Work

These represent my style and voice. When ghostwriting for clients, my writing reflects their style and voice.

The Fitness of Business: How Embracing a Multi-Sport Lifestyle Can Make You a Better Businessperson (health and business, Unbound Northwest)

All Squirrels are Freelancers: Business Lessons from a City Park (business, Unbound Northwest)

The New Battleground: Compliance Risk and Bathroom Access for Transgender Workers (risk management and insurance, Idaho Business Review)

The Downside of Anti-theft Tracking Software (risk management and insurance, Idaho Business Review)

Sometimes I write about my outdoor adventures. In 2015, IDAHOmagazine published my first piece of commercial narrative nonfiction, Love on the Rocks: The Romance of Climbing. I also write about the digital nomad lifestyle, adventure sport and travel, and work-life integration on my site Outside Is the Best Side.

To date, I have not commercially written about slimy, creepy-crawly things. I have, however, on several occasions spoken publicly about entomophogy.