Becoming a published author is the dream of many writers.

But Did You Know?

1,066,115 new titles were published in 2015. (1,2)

“The average U.S. nonfiction book is now selling less than 250 copies per year and less than 2,000 copies over its lifetime.” (3)

“A book has far less than a 1% chance of being stocked in an average bookstore.” (3)

Only 4% of authors seeking representation by a literary agent will land an agent. (4)

your editor’s experience, industry connections, and results matter.

I am in the business of breaking writers into the industry and helping established authors go further faster.


“Cristen is the most BRILLIANT editor I have ever worked with. Her editorial comments on my novel ... helped me recognize several patterns in my writing style, both good and bad. She has an eye for what good writing should read like, and every single comment she made was 100% accurate. That kind of editing is a gift that few people possess. She will always be my go-to editor.”

Etaf Rum, debut novelist A Woman Is No Man (HarperCollins)

ABA IndieBound Bestseller #16, a Washington Post 10 Books to Read in March, Refinery29 Best Books of the Month, The Millions Most Anticipated Books of 2019, and Amazon Charts 10 Essential Reads March 2019

"After 15+ years in publishing, I can say that Cristen sets the gold standard for freelance editing. She recently worked with us on a client's memoir proposal, including an extensive amount of co-writing of sample chapters. From the start of the process, I was highly impressed with her writing, her ideas, and just how much organization and inspiration she brought to the project. Her writing was beautiful, clear, and very true to the author's unique voice. Collaborating with her has been a joy for both author and agent. She had tremendous impact on this project, and we will look forward to working with her on many more, given our experience."

Lilly Ghahremani, JD, MBA, literary agent and co-founder of Full Circle Literary

"Through a series of phone calls, well, more like countless times of me bugging Cristen, she always greeted me with grace, kindness, and at times mercy…. Anyone who, whether a professional or a novice like me, is looking for some help and assistance with writing, your one stop is Cristen Iris. It’s an over-stated cliche, but I literally could not have done this without her.  I had a beat and a concept, but she helped make it solid.”

Billy Kilson, GRAMMY Award (R) winning drummer, author of The Solid Beat Concept: A Modern Method for Musical Advancement

“Finding Cristen Iris was one of those instances that you look back on in awe and wonder how you were so fortunate to find a person that you didn’t even know you needed. Without Cristen, I don’t think my book would have ever been published. Cristen gave me the honest feedback and encouragement that I needed to keep going. Not only did she understood the need of my industry (the legal industry) she also nailed my ideal reader (female attorneys).

“Months after our official work finished, she’s continued to reach out to me with ideas and connections to help me in my book launch. I couldn’t be more grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Cristen. I highly recommend Cristen to anyone going through the book writing process.”

Lee Holcomb, JD, founder Lifestyle Lawyer and Lawyers & Yoga